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Single Stroke Honing Tools
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Single Stroke Honing Tools

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  The single stroke honing tool is also known as a single pass honing tool that incorporates a super abrasive sleeve mounted on a tapered mandrel for precision bore sizing and finishing. Each individual piece of this diamond tool is designed to be matched with corresponding honing machines. According to differences in the bore diameter, customers can choose from our existing models of honing tools, or customize a new honing tool.

  The single stroke honing tool works for finishing bores at a minimum of Φ2mm, and is all equipped with thrust pads. In addition, depending on honing and finishing processes, this bore finishing tool come in four types: vertical honing tool, horizontal honing tool, vertical cylinder honing tool, and horizontal cylinder honing tool. Specific product descriptions are as follows.

  1. Single Stroke Honing Tool with Groove for Vertical Honing Machine



  The single stroke honing tool with a groove is mainly used for vertical honing machines from companies such as Nissin. It can help customers hone metal pieces in bores with a diameter ranging from 4.3mm to 40mm. It is made of imported alloys and can be inset with alloy bars to improve the life time. It is ideal for finishing grease nipples, transmission gears and more.

  2. Single Stroke Honing Tool with Groove for Horizontal Honing Machine



  This single stroke honing tool is primarily matched with Sunnen horizontal honing machines. It is equipped with a specialized connecter, thimble, thrust and honing stone. It also comes in various types of mandrels, including extension bars, copper bars, alloy bars, soft bars, hard bars and more. These types of single pass honing tools are suited for spare part manufacturing for a number of industries, including automobile, motorcycle, molds, industrial sewing machines, hydraulic and pneumatic cylinders, oil pumps, grease nipples and more.

  For those who are using a different brand horizontal honing machine, and agents of horizontal honing tools, Hongtuo can recommend the product most suited to your needs. If our current inventory of products can’t be matched with your machines, and your purchasing amount meets our requirements, we can offer customized services.

  3. Cylindrical Single Stroke Honing Tool for Vertical Honing Machines



  The cylindrical single stroke honing tool is primarily used for vertical honing machines from companies such as Nissin for honing bores with a diameter of 4.8mm to 50mm. This bore finishing tool is made from imported alloy material and can be inset with an alloy guide shoe for achieving a better honing effect and extending the tool’s service life.

  Our cylindrical honing tool is suitable for honing work pieces with a high requirement for the straightness of the bores, or for bores that are difficult to finish. To be more specific, it can be used for finishing through holes, blind holes, holes with key ways, and stepped holes, making it an indispensable machining tool for the precision bore finishing of engine injection pumps, connecting rods, shifting forks, hydraulic valve bodies, control valve sleeves, mold guide sleeves, pistons and more.

  We are also manufacturing a hinged type single stroke honing tool that is earning a high amount of significance and a promising market prospect. It is used to improve the bore finishing precision, ensuring a high bore size consistency and excellent cylindricity. It can be used with Sunnen, Engis, and MAS honing machines.

  4. Cylindrical Single Stroke Honing Tool for Horizontal Honing Machines



  This variety of single stroke honing tool is ideal for Sunnen horizontal honing machines. It is designed with a special connector, thimble and thrust pad, and is specially used for honing work pieces with small bore sizes, ranging from 1.52mm to 2.54 mm. Hongtuo’s cylindrical single stroke honing tool for horizontal honing machines are an excellent choice concerning quality and cost effectiveness, as they are great for replacing imported brands.

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