Automobile industry

Automobile industry

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  Along with the increasing development of the automobile industry, industrial machining tools with high precision, efficiency and long service life have also become a huge need for growing manufacturers. For example, super abrasive honing stones and diamond or CBN grinding wheels have been widely used in the production of highly accurate and large production batches of automobile parts such as fuel pumps and nozzles, cylinder sleeves, camshafts, crankshafts and more.

  According to the specific needs of customers within the automobile industry, Hongtuo can offer a complete line of honing stones and grinding wheel solutions.

  Fuel Pump and Nozzle

  During the bore finishing process for auto parts such as fule pumps and nozzles, brake pumps and other parts, honing tools with honing stones or honing sticks are usually used to create a more accurate finishing, which effectively improves the size and form accuracy, and reduce Ra to 0.2.

  Currently, we have independently manufactured single and dual feed honing heads in all specifications as set forth by customer requirements for honing precision. Our single stroke and multi-stone honing tools can be used with both foreign and domestic honing machines from companies such as Sunnen, Nigel, and Green.

  Metal honing stones manufactured by us are the first within China to reach Euro-III and Euro-IV emission standards. Numerous auto manufacturers in China such as SGM, Chaoyang Diesel Engine Co., Ltd., and Shanghai Diesel Engine Co., Ltd. have been our customers.

  Recommended product: Single stroke honing tools and multi-stone honing tools for vertical and horizontal honing machines.

  Product Application: These tools are mainly used for high precision bore honing of fuel pumps and nozzles, auto brake pumps, transmission gears, connecting rods, cylinder blocks, and cylinder sleeves.

  Cylinder Sleeve


  Using single pass or multi-stick honing tools that are equipped with one or more diamond and CBN honing stones to implement a more accurate bore finishing on auto engine cylinder sleeves can improve the dimensional and form accuracy and reduce the Ra value to 0.2.








  Currently, automobile camshaft and crankshaft manufacturers have begun to use vitrified bond CBN grinding wheels for precision grinding works. This crankshaft grinding wheel has remarkable advantages, including a high sharpness, great heat dissipation, low maintenance excellent resistance to oil, heat and corrosion, smooth chip removal and more.

  Hongtuo's vitrified bond CBN abrasive wheels come with a high linear speed that can reach up to 160meters/second. In the domestic market, both the market share and quality of this abrasive tool lead the industry. A number of well-known Chinese auto part makers in China have chosen us for grinding wheels to use in the grinding of crankshafts. Our vitrified bonding wheels have also been highly recommended by Toyoda, Landis, Shaudt, Junker and other grinding machine companies.



  Other Auto Parts

  Along with fuel pumps, nozzles, cylinder sleeves, and crankshafts, Hongtuo’s diamond and CBN grinding wheels can also be used to process other automobile parts such as steering pumps, rotary vane compressors, drive shafts, valve plates and more. In addition, our super abrasive grinding wheels can be used on grinding machines from Germany, Japan, Korea, China and other countries, making them extremely versatile.

  Machinable Auto Parts Display

  1. Rotary Vane Compressor, Steering Pump

  Abrasive tool: Hongtuo grinding wheel

  Matched grinding machines: German KAPP grinding machine, Shanghai SUOTU grinding machine, etc.

  2. Auto Steering Pump, Drive Shaft

  Abrasive tool: Hongtuo grinding wheel

  Matched grinding machines: Qinchuan grinding machine, Japan TOYO grinding machine

  3. Steering Pump Rotor and Stator

  Abrasive tool: Hongtuo grinding wheel

  Matched grinding machines: Korea AM grinding machine, Japan TOYO grinding machine, Qinchuan grinding machine, Japan TOYO grinding machine









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