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  Founded in 1997, Hongtuo has become a global manufacturer and distributor of diamond and CBN super abrasive products. With 15 years of experience in the design, manufacturing and marketing of honing tools, diamond and CBN grinding wheels, back grinding wheels, ultra-thin cutting wheels and dicing blades, Hongtuo's products are commonly used across a number of industries that require high precision machining of metal parts, as well as thinning and cutting of electronic components.

  With over 450 employees utilizing our 370 sets of manufacturing and test facilities, and 5 modern production lines for metal bond and super abrasive production, our honing stones, vitrified bond diamonds and CBN grinding wheels, resin bond diamond and CBN grinding wheels, electroplated dicing blades and metal and resin bond dicing blades are all well received by customers from all over the world, including the United States, Canada, Germany, France, the UK, Iran, India, Italy, Australia, New Zealand, Chile, and Peru.

  With years of experience to back us up, we will work directly with you to find the right honing tool for your precision metal working needs.


  Company profile 1997

  Zhengzhou Hongtuo Super Abrasive Products Co., Ltd. was founded, specializing in the manufacturing of metal bond honing stones as well as single stroke honing tools and multi-stick honing tools for horizontal honing machines that have obtained a high recognition among users.

  Company profile 1998-2000

  We developed the horizontal multi-stone honing tool for honing connecting rods, shifting forks, and sewing accessories, and honing heads for a Japanese customer that manufactures vertical honing machines.

  Company profile 2001

  We built a vitrified bond grinding wheel production line that is mainly used for the production of camshafts and crankshaft CBN grinding wheels, which are applicable for both overseas and domestic high precision grinding machines.

  Company profile 2002-2006

  We successively produced a variety of grinding wheels in different specifications for internationally known high accuracy grinders.

  Company profile 2007-2008

  Hongtuo successfully developed a large diameter multi-stone honing tool for vertical machines. They can be used on Gering and Nagal, as well as Chinese made

  Company profile 2009-2012

  We produced resin bond diamond and CBN grinding wheels in standard and customized shapes, including cups, bowls, dish and more.

  Company profile 2013

  The production line for HT-RM and HT-YM series metal bond dicing blades was built. This series of cutting wheels is applicable for cutting hard and brittle materials such as optical glass, ceramics, ferrites, quartz, crystals and more.

  Company profile 2014

  We constructed a production line for the HT-YB and HT-YH series electroplated hub dicing blades and HT-RE series electroformed bond dicing blades, which are ideal for cutting silicon wafers, GaP, epoxy resin boards, ceramic substrates, composite boards with sandwiches and BGA.

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